Worshipping God The King

By Not Known

As we continue our exploration on the worship theme in this month’s sermon series, it is helpful for us to understand the basic fundamentals for worship.  So often, churches had been embroiled in what was called the worship war, each dwelling on the merits of the form of worship that they claim to be the most appropriate and meaningful.  Others have debated on the kinds of songs to be sung at worship.  Still others preferred silence and open worship instead of following a set order.  Some would dictate the kinds of instruments to be used in the worship service.
Whatever they may be, it is helpful for us to look at the basic fundamentals of worship services.  
1.    Worship has to be Christ-centred.  In whatever we do, we “preach Christ crucified” (1 Cor 1:23).  Propagating the risen Christ is the heart of the Gospel.  Exalting Him in our worship is the primary thing for all that we do at our worship.  We are one in the body of Christ and when we gather to worship Him, we present ourselves as “living sacrifices” to a holy God who gave us His Son to reconcile us back to Him.
    In fact, in all that we do, we are to proclaim Christ and exalt Him crucified.
2.    Worship has to be Word-centred.  When we worship, we have to be biblical and to be based on God’s word.  If worship is preaching Christ then worship is also preaching the word (2 Tim 4:2).  It is the primary task of all believers to be involved in “prayer and the ministry of the word” (Acts 6:4).  When we neglect the Word and our worship takes on secular forms and terms of reference, we lose the proper respect and reverence to build up and instruct believers to exalt Christ.  
    The worship service is not to be an entertainment.  We do not promote individualism or to exalt personalities or celebrities.  In worship, we exalt God with a grounding of His Word in our acts of worship.
3.    Worship has to be character-based. Worship brings us towards transformation of life by the Holy Spirit into Christ-likeness.  Worship leads us from the recognition of our brokenness to repentance and then to life-change.  We enter to worship and leave to serve.  We come into His presence to seek and glorify God and go into the world to be salt and light to the nations.  We come to worship not just to be hearers only but to be doers of the Word.
Today is the Lord’s day, have we worshipped the Lord our King?




Peter Poon