For week of 16 – 22 June

Read Exodus 30:17-38

  • Read vv.17-21. How does the priests’ need for the frequent washing of their hands and feet remind you of God’s provision for your daily need for cleansing from sin? Read 1 John 1:9 and consider how the Gospel changes the way you approach God daily.
  • Read vv.22-33. The priest can only approach God when they are anointed with this specially formulated oil. It marks them out as holy to God. Likewise, 2 Cor 1:21-22 says believers in the Lord Jesus have been anointed with the Holy Spirit to set them apart for God. How does this truth assure your heart that you are now accepted into God’s holy presence?
  • Read vv.34-38. The unique fragrance of the incense found nowhere else reminds the people of God’s holiness when they come near the Tabernacle.  Read also Lev 26:31. What does God’s holiness mean for your life?

Prayer Points

  • Thank God for the elected deacons—Keng Swee and Patrick; re-elected deacons—Dcn Rita Soh, Dcn Li-Ki Khaw; and re-elected elders—Eld Paul Johnson and Eld Lim Ee Tuo. Pray for God’s leading and provision as they start on a new term of service.
  • Pray for the election of the YA (Young Adult) committee members on Sunday 30 June that the Lord may provide young adults who are ready and willing to serve.
  • Pray for the coming YA Fellowship-cum-Talk Everyday Spirituality in a Fallen World on Sunday 30 June to help our YAs relate to the world while living out their Christian faith.