The MAP ministry upholds the vision of families in ORPC loving God & loving one another, living out the truth of their faith in the reality of their everyday lives, first in their homes and out beyond.

MAP sees the family as the primary mission field that God has sovereignly placed every individual in, and the home-ground where the gospel is to be proclaimed in word and lived out in deed.

MAP seeks to equip parents in the spiritual development of their children and support parents in their mission as primary disciple-makers of their children. It aims to lay a foundation of faith that’s built upon the truth of God’s Word and established through genuine personal relationships with Christ.


To that end, MAP’s ministry curriculum spans over the following areas:

  • Biblical Parenting classes (Twice a Year)
  • Marriage Preparation workshops (Twice a Year)
  • Parenting seminars
  • Marriage seminars
  • Youth Holy Sexuality programme
  • Young Adults Relationship Discovery weekends
  • Marriage Enrichment retreats
  • Church Family Bonding events


MAP is always exploring new ways to reach out to couples and parents. We welcome church members to suggest new ideas to strengthen our foundation of faith.


Pray with us that God will accomplish His good purposes through the work of ministry that we do and bless the families represented in ORPC. We also put up our prayer requests at the monthly prayer meetings.

Participate with us in the events that we organise; whether as attendees or fellow servants of Christ. We are sure that you will be blessed.