Training for Discipleship

Here in ORPC, we wish to Journey with you one step at a time. What did Jesus do? Why do we need him? How can we trust him? What is the Bible about? How then shall we live?

We invite you on a faith journey with us. There are 3 Discipleship Courses available, starting from non-believers to those who wish to grow in faith.

Training Members of ORPC for Missions

ORPC desires to build a whole-church missions and evangelism culture where children right through to senior citizens are informed, inspired, and initiated into lifelong outreach works with their God-given time, talents and treasures.

Missions Spot and SoCM Courses/Seminars – Every first Sunday of the month is set aside as Missions Sunday. ORPC regularly invites representatives from mission organisations and also missionaries to share with the congregation. From time to time, we also organise mission seminars and evangelistic workshops to help equip the congregation for outreach.

Missions and Cultural Exposure (MaCE) – ORPC organises MaCE trips to Cambodia and Philippines. Prayerfully consider setting aside a week of your annual leave and sign up for the next MaCE trip. Watch out for the announcements

Evangelism Equipping (EE) Courses – EE trains members to share the gospel in a clear and concise manner. Through on-the-job training, they are equipped with the skills and confidence to share the gospel to relatives, friends and anyone in a natural conversational way.  Twice a year, we equip members in evangelism through EE courses. We have equipped more than 100 members trained in EE since 2012.

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