Be Involved

By Not Known

We have been examining the theme of worship for the past two Sundays. What do you think is the outcome?  Does it increase our desire to be involved in His service?  The following story illustrates the essence of serving our God (Bits & Pieces, June 24, 1993, pp. 20-21):
“When Rosina Hernandez was in college, she once attended a rock concert at which one young man was brutally beaten by another. No one made an attempt to stop the beating. The next day she was struck dumb to learn that the youth had died as a result of the pounding. Yet neither she nor anyone else had raised a hand to help him. She could never forget the incident or her responsibility as an inactive bystander.
Some years later, Rosina saw another catastrophe. A car driving in the rain ahead of her suddenly skidded and plunged into Biscayne Bay. The car landed head down in the water with only the tail end showing. In a moment a woman appeared on the surface, shouting for help and saying her husband was stuck inside.
This time Rosina waited for no one. She plunged into the water, tried unsuccessfully to open the car door, then pounded on the back window as other bystanders stood on the causeway and watched. First she screamed at them, begging for help, then cursed them, telling them there was a man dying in the car. One man, then another, finally came to help. Together they broke the safety glass and dragged the man out. They were just in time — a few minutes later it would have been all over.
The woman thanked Rosina for saving her husband, and Rosina was elated, riding an emotional high that lasted for weeks. She had promised herself that she would never again fail to do anything she could to save a human life. She had made good on her promise.”
The story sheds light on the importance of our involvement in saving lives in the most unexpected circumstances. God is serious in saving souls from His Judgment Day. So He had sent His only Son to save us and calls believers to be involved in saving souls and building His Kingdom.
If you have not been serving God, there are three ministries that you may consider and be involved:
First, the ministry of evangelism, our Almighty God calls us to reach out to the lost souls (John 3:16, Mt 28:19-20).  There is no excuse when we meet God one day and He asks “Dear child, have you told a non-Christian about me?” The EE course is to help you witness effectively. The experience of leading a non-believer to accept Jesus as his or her personal saviour is indescribable.
Second, you can be involved in the Visitation ministry: to encourage and comfort the sick, homebound, bereaved, discouraged, and needy and so on (Mt 25:34-36). Words spoken with Christ’s love can touch lives, lift their spirits and to experience the joy of hearing His voice.
Third, you can serve in the Sunday School ministry. In Mt 19:13-14, Jesus never turn away the children so it is important to build the next generation of godly offspring, to see our children grow into maturity in Christ. Our Sunday School ministry is in great need for teachers.
Surely there are other ministries to be involved in as well, but are you involved?




John Chew