We welcome all children from ages 0-12 to join the ORPC Sunday School which runs from 9am to 10am every Sunday. As the adults attend the morning service in the Sanctuary, the children will be in their classes learning about God’s love and truth.

*Covid-19 related updates*

With the removal of zoning requirements, there are important changes regarding the Arrival and Dismissal procedures for all our Sunday School children with effect from Sunday, 27 March 2022:


Parents are now allowed to accompany their children up to their classrooms again. However if they are confident to go on their own, please encourage them to do so.


For 3-8yo, parents should pick their children up from their classrooms at level 2, immediately after service.

For 9-12yo, children will be dismissed straight from their classrooms, so parents should arrange where to meet their children in the common areas after service.

Sunday School will no longer be dismissing children straight to Dunman Hall after their classes.

Registration for Sunday School will also no longer be required.


Our mission is to lead children to know God, to obey His Word; and to serve Him, so that all may grow together as one body in Christ.

Class age groupings

Our youngest children (0-2 year olds) will be in the Creche. They can be accompanied by one parent. All other children will have classes in the following age groups: 3-4 year olds, 5-6 year-olds 7-8 year-olds, 9-10 year-olds and 11-12 year-olds. The classrooms are located on the 2nd and 3rd Floors of Dunman Building. Classes will be conducted by Sunday School teachers under the oversight of the Superintendent.

Curriculum and activities

The Sunday School runs a 40-week curriculum based on Lifeway’s Gospel Project. The curriculum shows that the Bible is not just a collection of stories, but one unified story – God’s story of redemption. We use age-appropriate, engaging activities to help each child develop a strong foundation in God’s Word. Children will also build lasting friendships with their peers which will be essential to their spiritual journeys as they grow older.

As parents play an important role in the spiritual growth of their children at this age, Sunday School teachers will regularly share lesson topics with parents so that they can reinforce them at home.

Due to COVID Safe Management measures, children will not gather in large groups for praise and worship. Instead, they will go straight to their classes for worship and activities. Other safe measures like sitting in small groups of five, keeping a safe distance from one another and the wearing of masks at all time will be in place.

We hope that large group worship, class outings and monthly intergenerational services can resume when we are out of this COVID pandemic. In the meantime, we seek parents’ support in doing what we can to keep our children safe as they continue to know, obey and serve God.


The Sunday School is managed by a group of committed volunteers who have a heart to raise up the next generation to know and love Jesus. If you are interested to serve as a teacher, worship leader or helper in Sunday School, please get contact us using the form below


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