Theme: Growing in the Son
Date: 5 to 8 June 2024
Venue: AP Premier Hotel Batam


Speaker’s Introductory Message

The camp theme messages are significantly based on the book of Colossians as it possesses important criteria to guide us on our exploration of the theme ‘growing in the Son.”……

Message 1 – Who is the Son?

This message explores the subject of the ‘Son’—the person of Jesus Christ….

Message 2 — What does it mean to be ‘in the Son’?

From an understanding of who is the Son, we explore the significance of what the Son, Jesus Christ, has done for us and what it means to have life in him…..

Message 3 – To grow in the Son (Prayer and the Word)

Building on the foundational understandings of being ‘in the Son,’ this message explores its implications for our growth in Him.

Message 4 – To grow in the Son (Practicing the virtues in everyday living)

Resting on a fundamental change of heart and mind, and the daily practice of immersion in the Word and prayer, this message develops the Christian practice of cultivating Christian virtues….

Speaker: Rev Dr Jimmy Tan

Rev Dr Jimmy Tan
Rev Dr Jimmy Tan Chaplain & Lecturer at Trinity Theological College

Rev Dr Jimmy Tan is chaplain, and lecturer of pastoral and practical theology at Trinity Theological College, and an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in Singapore.

He grew up in Singapore Life Church and pastored their Teochew congregation before being called to pastor the English Congregation at Bethel Presbyterian Church, where he and his wife continue to worship at.

He received his PhD from Fuller Theological Seminary, and his doctoral dissertation has been published in a monograph, How Then Shall We Guide? A Comparative Study of Ignatius of Loyola and John Calvin as Spiritual Guides (Pickwick, 2023).

Jimmy is married to Soh Kwan, and they have three daughters, two sons-in-law, and a granddaughter.