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Date: 27 Jun 2022

Passage: Genesis 11:10-26

Compare this genealogy with the one found in Genesis 5:1-32. What similarities and differences do you find?

Pastoral Message

Shared sacred space

During our previous Saturday’s Church Retreat, I was heartened to see representatives of our younger and older generations come together on a panel to give their views on Christian discipleship in our church. While we all honestly acknowledged that much more can be done in ORPC for intergenerational ministry, we must also understand that the…

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Christianity Explained

This is an opportunity to invite your non-believer friends and family. This course is suitable for anyone
interested in knowing the Christian faith and what the gospel is about, especially non-believers and new

Church Retreat

In lieu of a church camp this year, we will have a church retreat on 18 June 2022, Saturday, from 9 am to 4 pm.

Lessons on Christian Living

Lessons on Christian Living is a series of eight bible studies on the principles and promises God has given you as His son or daughter, and the corresponding responsibilities and privileges you have in living a life that pleases God.

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Biblical Theology of Exile & Exodus

Biblical Theology of Sacrifice & Atonement

Walking Through Crisis, Suffering, and Grief as a Discipleship Community

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The Pastor overseeing the Missions & Evangelism (M&E) Ministry is responsible for the leading, directing and developing of Outreach Ministries including Evangelism, Local Outreach and Overseas Missions.

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As a member of the pastoral staff, the Children’s Ministry (CM) Pastor serves with a special focus on the Children’s Ministry, overseeing the spiritual and holistic development of children.

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