Daily Reading

Date: Tuesday, 9 March 2021
Passage: Romans 8:3-4

Why can't obedience to the law save us? What then does it take to save us?

Adult Sunday Class

28 Feb 21    1 Corinthians - Part 2
14 Feb 21    1 Corinthians - Part 1
24 Jan 21    Romans
10 Jan 21    Acts

During this season of Lent, it is appropriate for us to devote time to contemplate the work Christ has accomplished for us at the cross. What does this work on the cross encompass? The answer to question 23 of the Shorter Catechism is helpful here. It says Christ executes the office of a redeemer in both His state of humiliation and His state of exaltation. What then do the two states consist of? Why should we consider them as one in His work as our Redeemer?

His state of humiliation refers to His incarnation, His earthly life, His death, and burial. His state of exaltation consists...