Daily Reading

Date: Wednesday, 19 June 2019
Passage: Exodus 19:5-8

Name at least three things that God wants his people to be or do as a result of Israel’s obedience.


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Adult Sunday Class

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24 Mar 19    How Do We Know God?

God often allows pains and difficult circumstances to mold and turn our hearts to Him. Hence, anguish and puzzlement are not only an inescapable part of life in a fallen world, they are integral to the faith formation of God’s people. It is no wonder that lament is the largest genre in the book of Psalms. In this light, Israel’s grumblings in Exodus 15 to 17 that happened just after their dramatic deliverance by the Lord from Pharaoh’s army should remind us of our own vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

However, what then separates legitimate cries and complaints to God from a...