Freedom is Costly

By Not Known

If you were a military commander, would you risk the lives of several men in exchange for the freedom of one captured? This is a real dilemma. But since the life of every person is to be valued, the cost of potential freedom is also worth paying. In the same way, every sinner bound by the power of Satan is valued by God; and God has secured a sinner’s freedom by the costly death and prized resurrection of his Son, Jesus Christ. It costs us nothing to be saved. It costs God everything in his Son to save us! We ought to be grateful. How do you express that gratitude?

    Barely weeks after God delivered the Israelites from slavery by the Egyptians, they grumbled at the lack of food and water in the desert, and sought rather to have died in Egypt (Exodus 16). Their freedom secured by God through the ten Plagues and the parting of the Red Sea was treated with contempt when their expectations were not met. They cursed and swore at God and his chief servant, Moses (Ex 11 – 13). How grievous to the loving heart of God!

What might this lack of gratitude look like in us today?

(1)    Two-timing – Are there altars and amulets of your former gods still hidden in your private closets? You trust God in Christ; but you still fear the gods of your past. Christ has set us free. Do not be enslaved by those non-gods again (Gal 5:1). Stand firm!

(2)    Debtor’s spirituality – Are you trying to repay God for his free gift of eternal life in Christ? You partake in Christian rites; participate in Christian ministries; obey in almost a legalistic fashion the letter of his word… doing all these in a relentless effort to feel more right with God and more assured of your place in heaven. Paul warns that Christ would be of no value to them at all if the Galatians observed circumcision (Gal 5:2). Let’s trust in what Christ alone has done to save us.

(3)    Curiosity-cat – Are you still taking a deep interest in reading the Bible, God’s word of truth that gives life? In this Internet Age, it is so easy to be intrigued and hijacked by everyone else’s online opinions about God and the Bible. Paul warned the Galatians against being thrown into confusion by false persuasions (Gal 5:7-12). Read your Bible!

Our freedom from the slavery of sin is costly to God in Christ. Will you love him alone? Will you love him well?


Benson Goh