Cats and Dogs

By Not Known

“My master is so wonderful,” says the dog.  “He loves me!  He feeds me every day!  He provides me warm shelter, and he pats me!  He does everything for me and gives me everything I have.  Finally, it dawned on me:  my master must be god!” *

“Interesting,” notes the cat.  “My master loves me too.  He feeds me, pats me, provides shelter, does pretty much everything for me and gives me everything.  One day, it dawned on me:  “I must be god!” *

Using the differences between cats and dogs in a light-hearted manner, the authors of Cat and Dog Theology* challenge our thinking and provide us with a new perspective and vision of God as we delight in the God who delights in us. It helps us to rethink our relationship with God today.

When we acknowledge God as our Lord fully, we will seek to glorify Him instead of seeking our interests. “He must increase, but I must decrease.” (John 3:30). Indeed, we are to live passionately for the glory which is to God and God alone.

Someone once said, “Once we give ourselves absolutely to God, then remarkably we are free to give to others in ways that are gracious and life-giving, rather than being distorted and destructive”.

When we want God to receive the ultimate glory, we will be able to show kindness and have others’ interests at heart. The body of Christ functions only when the members work together for the common good. No one should think he or she is totally independent and does not need help from others. No one should feel excused from helping others. We build each other by showing compassion, acceptance and being less judgmental. We learn to care for those who are greatly burdened or in need of restorative grace.

When God is at the centre of our life and we commit ourselves, first and foremost, to do God’s will, everything else will fall into place. We will find the time and energy to do what needs to be done.  Let us be God-centred and less self-centred.

This is what Jesus told his disciples so long ago, “But seek first God’s Kingdom, and His righteousness; and all these things will be given to you as well” (Matthew 6:33).


Michele Tang