Discipleship Course

A Wonderful Relationship…

The greatest relationship one can have and enjoy is with Jesus Christ. Getting to know him, love him and trust him is a journey of discovery.

Most of us begin our journey and are still walking on with other fellow believers.

An Invitation…

Here in ORPC, we wish to Journey with you

  • Who is Jesus?
  • How do I become a believer?
  • What did Jesus do?
  • Why do we need him?
  • How can we trust him?
  • What is the Bible about?
  • How then shall we live?

Come on this Journey with us

A discipleship course starts every quarter. Below is a journey guide. Send us a message to find out more.

To Find out More

Tell us a bit more about yourself or your area of interest.

1 – Christianity Explained

Unlocking the Gospel in 6 weeks. For non-believers, new believers and those who wish to refresh themselves on the fundamentals of the Christian faith. This course is for anyone who is interested in the Christian faith and what the gospel is about, especially non-believers and new believers. In the past we have had long time…

[2] Lessons on Assurance

God’s promises to live on. This is a 5 weeks course for new believers; held twice a year. The objective of the Lessons on Assurance course is to ground participants on spiritual fundamentals. The lessons follow a guide published by the Navigators’ Navpress and are part of the “Growing in Christ” series. The five lessons…

[3] Lessons on Christian Living

God’s promises to live by……an 8 weeks course for believers who which to grow in their faith. This course is for all believers, especially new believers and those who wish to grow in their Christian faith. It is held twice a year. The materials are part of the Navigators’ Navpress “Growing in Christ” series. Topics…