God’s Gift

A strong sense of guilt engulfed Steven as he had not spent quiet time with God for two months. One evening, out of obligation, he went to his study and started praying to God. “Dear God, I am sorry for not spending time with you but I have many problems to tackle. I am facing unreasonable work demands; my boss is a tyrant; and my father is critically ill. Surely you do not expect me to observe quiet time in such circumstances? Why should I dedicate time to pray and study your Word when I have so many problems?” Feeling drained, he went into a deep slumber… When he woke up, he again asked God for an answer.

Then he remembered… how God had scooped him up from his misery, and accepted and restored him. He thought of the many times that God had showed love to him; and of how God wants to have a close relationship with him. God wants Steven to share his joys, sorrows and sufferings with Him.

And God wants to support and guide Steven in the midst of his struggles, challenges and temptations.  For this to happen, Steven has to stay connected with Him. God wants Steven to trust and open up to Jesus. For Steven to overcome his challenges, he needs God by his side.

Steven realises that if he regularly goes to God in prayer and study and apply His Word, he will become more like Jesus.

He finally realises that quiet time is a priceless gift from God and is for the benefit of His children.

“How then should I do quiet time?” Steven asks himself. After much thought, he decides on the following:

  1. First, fix a regular time each day to do quiet time. It could be in the morning, afternoon or evening.
  2. Second, choose a suitable place for quiet time. It could be in the study, living room, garden, etc. The place should not have distractions and must be conducive.
  3. Third, decide on a duration for the quiet time which is sustainable.
  4. Fourth, approach quiet time with a teachable heart and a bible in hand. The use of a devotional book could be helpful.
  5. Lastly, the quiet time should comprise prayer, study of God’s Word, and meditation on what has been learnt and its application.

After making his decision, Steven slept peacefully like a log that night…

The story is fictitious.