Embarking on a Discipleship Journey with Jesus

Registering a child for primary education has always been a highly important exercise in a Singaporean family. It’s deemed as the first decisive key to the child’s future success. From then, clearing examinations will remain a highly tense and competitive affair, from childhood to young adulthood, as one strives to enter the most prestigious schools, and eventually, the top universities.

In the Gospel of Luke, Luke writes to convince Theophilus that he has been enrolled in the most prestigious of schools—the school of Jesus. Luke begins with the coming of Jesus in His birth, and ends his book with Jesus going away—in His death, resurrection, and ascension. He now reigns in heaven and will soon return to restore His full and final kingdom.

Meanwhile, as we await His return, Luke writes to show us who Jesus is, the man who is fully God. Luke shows us what it means to be a learner in His school as a disciple. Luke reveals to us the identity and authority of Jesus from which we derive ours. At the heart of who Jesus is, is the Father’s declaration at His baptism (Luke 3:22) and transfiguration (Luke 9:35), “This is my beloved Son!” Jesus was an apprentice of His Father in heaven. He came, He lived, He taught, He served, He suffered and He died in obedience to the Father. He now calls us to follow after His life and example.

Our baptism, therefore, becomes a declaration not just of our church membership, but more fundamentally, of our adopted sonship. It points to the day we’ve been enrolled into the school of Jesus, the most prestigious School in the universe—to become His disciples.

What are we going to learn in His school? We’ll learn the intimacy of abiding in God’s presence. We’ll learn to walk in step with the Holy Spirit given to us on the day of Pentecost. We’ll receive His love. His love will renew and transform our hearts. We’ll find new desires, new love, and new powers for life change. We’ll learn the secrets of happiness in His kingdom (Luke 6:20-23). We’ll learn a counter-cultural response to suffering (Luke 6:27-42). And we’ll become like Him as promised in Luke 6:40! Would you ask God to open your heart to this adventure of knowing and following Jesus? Would you enrol yourself and your loved ones in the school of Jesus? May God help us do so as we study the Gospel of Luke from now till the end of 2023!