God Changes Our Lives

By Not Known

We learnt in Acts 9 that the Gospel changed the life of Saul.  He was tracking down all the followers of Jesus Christ in Damascus so as to persecute them.  Instead, the Lord Jesus confronted him.  In the encounter, he was blinded and when he was healed, he became a changed man.  His name was changed from Saul to Paul, from a murderer to being a saint, and from being a persecutor of believers to a preacher of the Gospel.

The conversion of Paul reminds me of my own life. There were many changes in my life after I received Christ as my Saviour and Lord, however they were not sudden changes but gradual ones.  

First, my view of life began to change. I used to think that there will be reincarnation after death.  Gradually I believe what the Bible teaches, that earthly life will end after death and one day, we will face God’s judgement for our sins, and believers will be forgiven on account of Jesus’ blood and cleansing.  My “happy-go-lucky” attitude in me also began to fade away. A more purposeful and meaningful life slowly took shape through the Holy Spirit.

Second, my worship life went through a quick and complete turnaround: from idol-worship to worshipping the Almighty God.  I began to appreciate our creator God and serving the Lord in my life.

Third, my attitude towards how I spend my time also underwent a massive change.  I devoted time to reading God’s word and praying.  God’s truth in His word began to excite me and I was led to learn many truths about living a righteous and holy life.

Fourth, perseverance and striving to live after holiness dominated my daily life.  Although I failed many times but thanks be to God that He has often granted His grace and power through those struggles so that I gradually learnt follow Him wholly.

Fifth, living by faith was a new and humbling experience. God has led me to grow in walking with Him obediently.  I yielded my life to serve in Youth for Christ as a youth worker and that taught me many things about living by faith in God.  He has proven Himself to be faithful and supplied all my needs.

I believe that God does change lives when He draws near to His people and confronts them of their sins.  He searches for people, gives them spiritual birth and opens their eyes to see the things of God.