God Is Our Ultimate Source of Protection, Help and Hope

By Not Known

The Christian’s journey of faith is never an easy one. It requires our absolute obedience to and trust in Jesus, our Lord and God.

Psalm 121 forms part of a group of psalms called the Songs of Ascents, which were sung by the Israelites as they went on their annual pilgrimage to Jerusalem to worship God at the temple.

For most of these pilgrims, this involved ascending the mountains around Jerusalem. This was often a perilous journey not only because of the treacherous terrain but also the threats from bandits and thugs.

Seeking God’s Help to Traverse Formidable Mountains (vv1-2)

In Psalm 121, the psalmist lays bare his fear about this perilous journey, and his motivation to press on in this journey despite that. He recognizes his need for and he seeks God’s help and protection to traverse these formidable mountains. He knows who created these mountains in the first place; the Almighty God. Therefore, He has power over them.

Like the psalmist, we also have our fair share of encounters with ‘formidable mountains’ of life’s challenges that stand in our way along our journey of faith. We fear whether or not we can traverse them. We will do well to emulate the psalmist, and remember that whatever ‘formidable mountains’ we face, God is the Creator of all, and has the power to deal with any challenges we face. Therefore, seek His help.

Trust in God’s Promises in the midst of ‘Formidable Mountains’ (vv3-8)

God promises to watch over us, His children, like a guardian. Although that does not mean He will exempt us from any problems or pains, He constantly guards us, and He never lets His guard down. He protects us from both physical and spiritual perils. Therefore, trust in His promises in the midst of any ‘formidable mountains’ that come our way.

Just as the Israelites went to the temple because it represented the presence of God, we should also pursue God’s presence in our lives. He is our ultimate source of protection, help and hope. Do not even doubt or underestimate Him because He is the Lord of lords. Even the greatest possible threat pales in comparison to His almighty supremacy.

Perfect protection and help come only from the Lord because He is perfect, and He never slumbers!