Praise God For Singapore

By Not Known

On this National Day weekend, we praise and thank God for our nation’s 50th anniversary.  Here are some reasons why my wife and I are grateful for Singapore.  What are yours?
1    Clean, well-organised and efficient government, unafraid to implement beneficial policies; succession planning has ensured stability.
2    Generally safe society: law and order firmly enforced.
3    Racial and religious harmony cultivated and encouraged.
4    Freedom of religion: mutual respect for different faiths.
5    Clean, green, well-planned environment.
6    Strong emphasis on education and ongoing learning/training.
7    Strong financial/economic infrastructure.
8    Good variety and range of cuisines from all over the world.
9    Affordable public housing, provident fund, healthcare provisions for all.
10    Protocol kept to minimum.
11    International melting pot of knowledge, cultures and races: makes for diversity and stimulates growth, yet embraces Asian/family values.
12    From “swamp to first world city”, always striving to improve, pushing for a culture of excellence with many achievements.
13    Meritocracy not favouritism.
14    Built on British “roots” but drawing from all that is good everywhere.
15    Friendly but firm in international relations; unafraid to be honest.
16    Ready to render humanitarian aid during international crises.
17    Pro-active, forward-looking government.



Graham Ng