“I Sing For I Can Not Be Silent” Life of Fanny Crosby

By Not Known

Mercy Crosby held her tiny daughter’s hands as little Fanny’s face contorted in a scream of agony.  “Doctor, are you sure you have to do this to her?”

“Mrs Crosby, I know it’s hard to hear little Fanny scream like this, but we must draw out the infection.  These hot mustard poultices (paste) are the best way to do it.”  

“But she’s only six weeks old.  Maybe we should wait until our regular doctor returns to town.”

“Mrs Crosby, as I told you, waiting would only make the infection worse. I know the treatment hurts Fanny, but it’s much better to treat the infection immediately. You never know what could happen if an eye infection is left untreated.” *www.christianity.com

The treatment of hot mustard poultices and extraction of fluids burnt and scarred Fanny’s corneas resulting in her blindness. In spite of living a life in total darkness, Fanny penned the words “I sing for I can not be silent. His love is the theme of my song.”  Instead of being beaten by her circumstances, Fanny lived a victorious and fruitful life.  Fanny wrote more than 9,000 hymns.  She was one of most beloved Christian hymn writers and a contributor towards the feminization of hymnody in the late nineteenth century.   

Although Fanny’s hymns were born out of great trials, her strength comes from prayer and a close relationship with God.  The text Fanny wrote was taken from Psalm 30 – “You have turned my mourning into dancing.  You have removed my sackcloth and clothe me with joy, that my heart may sing and not be silent.”  Just like King David, Fanny experienced God’s continuous deliverance and faithfulness sovereignly that she remains confident that God would continue to sustain her.  

Are you in the midst of a difficult situation?  Is your life meaningless?  Are you discouraged that your prayers are unanswered?  Psalm 147:3 says “God heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.”  Pray everyday.  Maintain a close relationship with God.  Find strength and comfort in Him.  Share what God is doing in your life. As you let the word of God dwell in your heart, the Spirit will help you.  Even though your circumstances discouraged you, God will be your strength.  Even more so, you will realize that you cannot help but praise God.  And like the conclusion in the book of Psalms, you will praise God not only with your voices but with cymbals, with tambourines and with all kinds of instruments.


Agnes Tan