A Vision for Ministry

By Not Known

When using a map we start from where we are, look where we want to be and then plan how to get there. That picture of where we want to be is our vision. It is important for Christian people to have a clear vision of eternity, to motivate and guide our present conduct on the horizon of eternity.

Likewise for God’s church. Our understanding of where and what God wants his church to be should guide us in the present.

Our present Ministry Plan outlines this vision for ORPC:

Under God, our vision is to be a church:

  • That extends God’s kingdom through effective outreach, mentoring and making disciples in the workplace and the world

  • Where members follow Christ in loving and serving one another in a church that empowers, develops and encourages members to develop growing relationships with Christ

  • Where members serve in various ministries, maximising their God-given gifts to the fullest, thereby bringing honour to God’s name and glorifying God in thoughts, words and deeds

  • That builds strong Christian families at home and in church

The key phrases are italicise.

The extension of God’s kingdom is primarily the external task of adding more people to God’s kingdom through evangelism. It is our key agenda until Jesus returns and is commanded in the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations (Mat 28:19-20). This must be the central part of our vision. If we fail here the rest is also lost. If we succeed here, the rest will fall into place. Accordingly we must be ready to adjust other parts of the church’s life in order to achieve the first part of our vision. What would ORPC look like if church life is primarily accommodated to this vision of extending the kingdom?

In order to underrate this great external task the church needs to be strong internally. And hence the vision to be a church of people who follow Christ, who serve according to our God-given abilities and a church of strong family life. Then all parts of the vision will interlock.

May God give us a heart for his vision.

David Burke