When DIY is a Death Trap

By Not Known

Do It Yourself‘ (DIY) is back in vogue. We head to the hardware store, buy some gear and tackle that home project. But DIY can be our nightmare and a contractor’s dream – we mess up and then pay up as the contractor repairs our damage.

DIY can be a nightmare in home repairs. DIY is a disaster when it comes to repairing our relationship with God. Jesus spoke about that when talking with a man who was good at DIY holiness (Mark 10:17-31). He was good at being good. There was just one weak spot. lt’s one that many of us have. Money! His attachment to money meant that he left Jesus a sad man. DIY only needs to fail at one point with God for the failure to be total.

The disciples’ puzzlement at that man points us to God’s good news. We cannot have DIY salvation. We do not need DIY salvation. It is impossible. But all things are possible with God including the salvation of people like us.

And that is good news. Reassuring news. See, if salvation is DIY it is as uncertain and as unsure as we are. But, if salvation is something that God does for us, it is as certain as God is. And that’s rock solid.

Salvation is not only possible with God but it is actual. It is as actual as Jesus. As actual as the Son of God becoming a baby to be one of us and one with us. As actual as that Son nailed on a Cross to pay the penalty for our sins and to break their power forever! As actual as the Son being raised to sneer at death and declare its sting removed forever!

So here is our choice. We can try DlY salvation which is as uncertain as our weakest spot. Or we can look to God, tell him that it’s impossible for us and accept what he does for us in the Lord Jesus.

The DIY path is uncertain and unsure. The path of God’a salvation is certain and sure.

Today’s service gives us all an opportunity to hear that message from God about assurance in Jesus. Let’s listen. Let’s reject DIY salvation. Let’s accept God’s salvation.