Focus, Focus, Focus

By Not Known

Some have no life focus and drift without aim. Others have poor focus and are
easily distracted. Some have a well-defined focus, but it is in the wrong place.

Luke 9 shows a clear sense of focus.

This starts with Jesus. He had twice spoken of the divine necessity of his death
(vs22&44). Moses and Elijah bore testimony to the new ‘exodus‘ which Jesus was
to fulfil in Jerusalem.

Now it was time to hit the road. Luke tells us that he hit it with resoluteness (vs51).
Luke alone has a long and winding account of Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem. It is
sometimes hard to follow the time and place sequence. However, this journey
theme makes it clear that Jesus knew his ‘date‘ with God’s plan on the Cross and
was dedicated to it. Likewise in his garden prayer (22:42).

Jesus was also focused on his saving mission. He and the disciples soon met
rejection in Samaria. The disciples wanted to follow Elijah and call down heaven’s
fire (vs 53-54; 2 Kings 1:9-16). Jesus refused them. It’s intriguing to look at the
textual footnote (which echoes 19: 10):”the Son of Mon did not come to destroy
men’s lives but to save them.
” There is a time for God’s judgement, but it was not
there and then. The Samaritans were simply showing common anti-Jewish
prejudice, not rejecting God.

Jesus wants the same high focus from his followers (w57-62).

  • Jesus made the birds and foxes but left heaven’s home to be homeless on
    earth. Are we ready to sacrifice creature comforts for him?
  • Do we put gospel mission ahead of filial duties (vs 59-60)? (Note that the
    father had probably not yet died. This is not as unfilial as it sounds.)
  • Do we follow him without delay after committing to him (vs 61 -62)? (Note
    that eastern leave-taking could be a very long process.)

We are called to be followers and missioners of Jesus and his gospel. Let’s not be a
people and church whose mission is simply to ‘be’. Let’s have the focus on Jesus
and of Jesus.