Issues of the Day – The Education of our Children

By Not Known

Choosing a school is a nerve-racking task for parents. We typically read media reports, scan the school ranking tables (however they are configured); and talk to other parents – all in an effort to find the 'best' school. This is a hard challenge in the stressed environment of Singaporean education.

What is the 'best' school?

But what is the 'best' school? For many, the answer seems obvious. The 'best' school delivers the highest academic results and gives our child entry into the best choice in the next educational tier and onwards into a prestigious and prosperous occupation.

Education for what?

There is nothing wrong with a desire for good academic results. But, is that all that is involved in our children’s education?

In Christian perspective, a mature life is more than education and vocational achievement. Because we are God's creation, a mature life is one of loving God with heart, soul and strength, as well as mind – and then loving our neighbour who is also made in God's image. (Mk 12: 30-33)

Good education helps prepare us for the wholeness of this life. Jesus' childhood development was multi-sided, for he grew in wisdom, stature and in favour with God and man (Lk. 2:52). What educational choices will help foster this kind of all-round development for our children?

Schooling or education?

We often confuse education and schooling.

Let’s say it clearly: education is more than schooling (Pro. 1: 7). Education is learning for life. Education includes the development of moral and spiritual character, arising from learning God’s word (Dt. 6:7). Education includes setting all knowledge within a deep reverence and worship of God.

It is not the job of schools to attend to these wider dimensions of education. Whatever school they choose, parents need to be sensitive and active to help turn schooling into education.

So, let’s show a Christian difference with our Children’s education. Let’s make wise schooling choices, based on our child’s total development. Whatever school we choose, let’s be prayerful and active to raise our children in the fear and nurture of the Lord (Eph 6:4)