Biblical Theology of THE Kingdom of God

The Bible from beginning to end portrays God as the sovereign Lord over all things. He reigns as both
creator and sustainer of all that exists, especially over human affairs.
Unfortunately, Adam and Eve rebelled against God’s authority as king with severe consequences for the history of humanity. From this catastrophic beginning in Gen 3, the Bible reveals how God gradually re-establishes his rule over the whole earth by redeeming humanity and his creation.
When Jesus arrived, he inaugurated a spiritual kingdom (Mk 1:15), yet he taught us to pray for a time
(Matt 6:10), when he will return in glory as universal king to restore his kingdom on earth (Rev 20-22). It is, therefore, very important for Christians to
understand God’s plan of salvation and see how we
can be part of the grand narrative of God’s kingdom
rule on earth.