Date: 2 Oct 2023

Passage: Luke 22:39-46

Consider what Jesus told the disciples to pray for and what he himself prayed for. Do you find it easy to pray in this way? What do we usually pray for?

Date: 30 Sep 2023

Passage: Luke 22:31-34

How can we withstand the spiritual attacks of Satan? How are we to respond?

Date: 29 Sep 2023

Passage: Luke 22:28-30

How did Jesus see his followers who had just disputed who was greatest? How do you think he is seeing us today?

Date: 28 Sep 2023

Passage: Luke 22:24-27

How are we to maintain the unity of Christ’s body in our common fellowship and service to the Lord?

Date: 27 Sep 2023

Passage: Luke 22:21-23

How do we see the work of divine sovereignty and human responsibility in our own lives?

Date: 26 Sep 2023

Passage: Luke 22:17-20

Remember Christ’s giving of himself for his Church. How can we honour him as one body of believers?