The New Adam

By Dr Dominic Kuek

Recently, I have been reflecting on Rom. 5:12-21 and trying to apply its truths to my life. Last week, Ps. Hui Ru talked about how we have been transferred from Adam’s ‘bus’ to Jesus’ ‘bus’, or in other words, from sin and death to grace and eternal life. Clearly this change is a big deal, and yet it is a truth I struggle to believe, because more often than not it feels like nothing has changed. 

Every day, a quick flip through the newspaper is enough to be reminded of the far-reaching consequences of Adam’s trespass: the wickedness of men goes unchecked, and death remains unstoppable. In contrast, the results of Jesus’ obedience are seemingly absent. The same is true if I look within the church: there are many amongst us who remain ill, and many who have recently lost their loved ones. Even more so, I know that I still constantly struggle with sin. It is so hard to believe that belonging to Jesus’ ‘bus’ makes a difference, not when the consequences of Adam’s trespass continue to run rampant.

But as I reflected on Rom. 5:12-21, it has challenged me to look beyond what my eyes can see. The truth is, belonging to Jesus’ ‘bus’ means a whole world of difference! Throughout the passage, Paul is utterly triumphant as he declares how Jesus trumps Adam at every stage. In fact, in v. 17, Paul celebrates the fact that a new humanity is now being formed—a Humanity 2.0 that will throw off their shackles of death and will reign in life as they were originally created to (cf. Gen. 1:28), one that completely undoes the endemic Adamic problem that has plagued the world since the Fall. 

For the first time in history, if you look past the failings of our sinful flesh, you would see a perfectly righteous child of God, in whom God is well-pleased; for the first time in history, if you look past the failings of our weak flesh plagued with cancer, you would see a brand-new creation brimming with so much radiant life that death would be a barely-felt sting! Everything has changed because of Jesus; surely this is momentous news that deserves to be on every front page for all of eternity! 

What an amazing privilege this is. Let us then always boast in what Jesus has achieved on the cross and never be ashamed of it, and may we never stop praising our God who has showered such abundant grace over us.