Wait Upon The Lord

By Not Known

But they soon forgot what he had done
and did not wait for his plan to unfold. Ps. 106:13

I am not a very patient person but I have learned to wait. In my Secondary school days, I once waited for my classmate for an hour. I was more worried about him than I was angry. Perhaps, something unfortunate happened to him.  Eventually, I couldn’t wait any longer, I called him. Instead he had actually forgotten about the appointment!

What is our waiting on God like, especially after we had spent time praying? Do we begin to wonder what might have happened to God?  Or perhaps God has forgotten about us? Or has God missed our prayer request?  There are billions of prayers, perhaps He couldn’t handle every one of them?  Or has He ‘KIVed’ my prayers because it is not important?

The Psalmist reminds us about Israel’s forgetfulness and impatient waiting for God. The Israelites had forgotten God’s past deeds in their lives. They often didn’t wait for God’s direction and answers.  They went ahead to attack the city of Ai, since they thought that they had the power to conquer Jericho on their own. They didn’t seek God when the Gibeonites sought a treaty with them.

Forgetfulness could be the cause of not waiting for God’s answer. How is it so? This is when we focus only on the present and miss out on what God has done in the past.  As the Israelites look into the past, it shows God’s faithfulness to them in many occasions.  Such as saving them from Egypt, providing them manna from heaven and quails for meat.  They prayed and demanded for God to meet their needs.  But it was Moses who prayed and persuaded God to answer them.  The past also shows that God is gracious, loving and always answer prayers.  Their past experiences with God gave them confidence for He had acted time and again and will act in the present and future.  He is the unchanging and faithful God.

Likewise, when we pray, we must learn to wait on the Lord.  Remember that God will not slumber; remember that God loves to communicate with us; remember that God’s timing is always perfect, and His will is always perfect.  

Do we have a relationship with God from the past to remember, and that He had answered our prayers?  I am sure you do.  Remember also that you are once a sinner saved by the loving God through Jesus.  Dwell on this salvation experience. Keep growing your relationship with Him and learn to wait on the Lord.