Life After The Tsunami…

By Not Known

When the monstrous tidal waves slammed into Banda Aceh and bulldozed inland on 26 December 2004, the world came to a literal stand-still between life and death – the living watching video footages of life being swallowed up by the waves; the dying battling for their last moments before they were no more… Between life and death was that fierce and fateful Tsunami.
Ten years down the road, much of the previously destroyed city has been visibly rebuilt.  There is a sense of new life in the air.  Their future looks hopeful; made possible ironically by that seismic hit. We thank God for their recovery.  At the same time, there is much that we can reflect on life (and death) this year end.
Many coastal residents have now been made aware that a sudden and extreme receding of sea level is a tell-tale sign of an imminent tsunami.  Since 2004, tsunami warning systems have also been set up along many coastal areas around the world.  In the same way, there are tell-tale signs and early warnings that “tsunamis” are about to hit us.
What “tsunamis” have hit your life in 2014 – a shocking illness, a saddening demise of a loved one, a sudden dismissal from a job, a serious break-up of a relationship, or a disappointing experience? What was that low-point for you this year?
What were the tell-tale signs and warnings – a pain in the chest, a stressful lifestyle, a strained marriage, or a stormy situation? Did you heed those warning signs?
Where is God when “tsunamic” situations hit our lives?  Consider the testimony of the psalmist, “The LORD is my light and my salvation – whom shall I fear?  The LORD is the stronghold of my life – of whom shall I be afraid?” (Ps 27:1-2)  Perhaps it has been a particularly “tsunamic” year for you, and you have struggled to stay on your feet.  Know however that God is never too far that we need to shout louder so as to be heard by Him.  He is never too busy that we need to take a queue number.  God is always near us guiding, rescuing, and protecting us from the storms of life.  Life is renewed and restored as we look to God daily.
Let’s keep looking to God as the new year approaches.  Remember that there is life even after the “tsunami”.



Benson Goh