Children: Our God-Given Responsibility

By Not Known

The birth of a child is a wonderful event, it’s raising them for the next 20+ years in the ways of the Lord that is the real challenge. When they are infants and toddlers, they mostly need physical care, but as they grow, greater attention, greater prayerfulness, thoughtfulness and skills are needed especially in spiritual aspects . 

A report from China some time ago said that more and more career-minded parents were sending their children to boarding schools to be taken care of so that the parents could be free to pursue their careers. Children as young as 20 months were sent to such schools which charged high fees, some as much as US$1000 per year.  So the parents surrendered their children to the boarding schools because they wanted to make more money, and the boarding schools made money off these parents!  Poor children. They will never fully know the love and support of their own parents who brought them into the world, never know the comfort of their tears being wiped away, nor the joy of being patted and lullabied to sleep, their wounds washed and medicated, their worries about teachers, homework, and exams calmed.  When they take part in sports events they will not hear their parents cheering them on, nor have their photos taken at a school event.  Why? Because sadly, their parents abandoned them in their pursuit of the almighty Yuan.  Who knows what psychological/emotional problems will emerge in the years ahead, what underlying insecurities, cynicism and pain? If these children could speak their minds to their parents, what would they say?

In Singapore more and more families entrust their children to caregivers from other countries who are total strangers from a different culture, whose psychological/emotional  frames of mind may be unknown.  What values from their religion or culture will they pass to our children?  Who knows what the caregivers might do in a stressed or a depressive state?  Perhaps an option to consider might be for mum (or dad) to have a break from work for a few years, and take on the role of primary caregiver/homemaker to the children.  That way you would be assured that your children are being cared for by the best people: their parents. Sure it may be a sacrifi ce, but aren’t our children’s souls and hearts worth the sacrifi ce?  It is one thing to bring a child into the world physically, it is another to take responsibility for the wellbeing of that child emotionally and spiritually. Ultimately of course, each family is in a different set of circumstances, and each must prayerfully consider how to manage their children in the light of their priorities and resources. Perhaps our Marriage and Parenting Ministry can run a seminar to help couples think through these issues.

Parents, how are you best preparing your children for  a life of faith and commitment to God? Let our choices be guided by Biblical values.


Graham Ng