The Resurrection of Jesus – Unfinished Business

By Not Known

Jesus’ resurrection from the dead was the climax of his earthly life. As the preaching in Acts shows, the resurrection was the defining event that set Christianity apart. It was also the event that demonstrated beyond doubt that Jesus was God’s son (Rom 1:4)

However, the resurrection is not the end of the story. It is unfinished business.

For Jesus, there was still his ascension to heaven, there is still his priestly intercession in heaven (Heb 4: 14-16) and there will still be his return in glory so that God is all in all (1Thess 4: 15- 17; 1 Cor 15: 20-28). Thus the resurrection was the end of his earthly mission, but not the end point of his great work of reconciling heaven and earth (Col 1:20).

The resurrection of Jesus is also unfinished business for the believer.

Through our faith in Jesus we share in the death and resurrection of Jesus (Rom 6: 8-11). However, this is not a matter of just sitting around, waiting for the return of Jesus and our resurrection to eternal life in heaven. Paul makes it clear that our share in the resurrection means a present and ongoing responsibility in the Christian life. We are now to start living in newness of life as people who are free from sin’s dread power (Rom 6: 1-7). This means now keeping our mind on things above as we live God’s way on earth below (Col 3:1- 17). This is unfinished business, but it is still serious business.

This is a serious challenge to very believer. Let’s ask ourselves if we are now living in resurrection reality? Are we even making the effort?

The resurrection of Jesus is also unfinished business for the church. The resurrection accounts are followed by a call to mission (e.g. Mat 28: 16-20; Luke 24: 45- 53; Acts 1: 1-8; Jn 21: 15-25). We now have the privilege of going to all people and telling them the glad news of the cross and resurrection and summoning them to enter the kingdom before Jesus returns as judge.

So, let us enjoy our Easter celebration today. But let us not try to cling to Jesus (Jn 20: 17) or stand around looking at the sky (Acts 1: 9-11). The risen Jesus has unfinished business with us and through us.