Church Leaders

By Not Known

We thank God for the 3 new elders and 4 new deacons who are installed today. This gives us a total of 13 elders and 9 deacons. 3 Elders will “retire” later this year after completing 2 terms (Elds Sunny Chan, Sng Kian Hoe and Tan Kim Chye). The elders, deacons and pastoral staff are the team that work together to give leadership to the church

The Bible tell us how church elders and members should work together (Eph 4:7- 12). The ascended Christ gives ministry gifts to his people (vs 7- 8). These gifts include various key leadership roles (v 11). The role of church leaders is to equip church members so that they can do the work of ministry and so build up the people of Christ (v 12). All this is within the context that every Christian person has gift(s) of service. These gifts are all necessary for the health of the church and are all interdependent (1 Cor 12).

Do notice how the focus of leadership is on ministry outcomes and how leaders and members are in a complementary relationship. Leaders and members are to work together with equal focus on achieving Christ’s kingdom mission, and not just to build up the church for its own sake.

The importance of good leadership is reflected in the qualities demanded of church leaders (1 Tim 3: 1- 13; Tit 1: 5- 9). These are mainly qualities of Christian maturity and character, for the Bible has little interest in a leader’s secular qualification or position. Christian leaders are shepherds who guide, feed and protect God’s flock (1 Pet 5: 3- 5). They are to serve gladly, humbly and with a good example (1 Pet 5: 3- 5) and thus to follow Jesus who came to serve rather than to be served (Mk 10: 35- 45).

Of course, elders and deacons are not the only leaders in our church. Others server in leadership roles through our various organisations and activities. One goal of our new ministry plan is to systematically develop leaders at all levels of the church. We need more leaders at all levels if the ministry plan is to be implemented.

The congregation’s support is vital to good leadership. Continue praying that our leaders will have a big heart for God and his mission. Pray that God will protect them and strengthen them. Cooperate with them as they call the church into the service of Christ. Add your gifts and energies to theirs so that God’s work is done. Be patient and forgiving of them when they falter – as they will