Outreach Sunday

By Not Known

On Sunday 29 February we are having outreach services. Our speaker will talk about Jesus in a user-friendly format and we will give people an opportunity to respond to his talk. For those who are interested, we give follow-up support through our Basic Christianity class and Lessons of Assurance classes.

All that is missing is people. We can expect that the regular congregation will attend, because that is where we should be on any Sunday and it is always good for us to hear the gospel message again. However, most of us are already Christian believers. These services are designed for people who are not yet believers.

How will these people come to our service? Long experience suggests that the person most likely to come to an outreach service and make a positive response is someone who has been invited and brought along by a family member or friend.

We see examples of this in the Bible. Soon after Andrew started following Jesus, he found his brother Simon and brought him along too (Jn 1:40-42). Then we read of Philip who invited Nathanael, who was not even from the same town, to come along and meet Jesus (Jn 1:43-46). Do we see the pattern? One person becomes a disciple and then starts to become a disciple-maker by inviting someone else to come and meet Jesus.

Our recent outreach services have some lovely examples of this happening. Here are just two of many stories:

One member invited her mother to the first outreach service, where she prayed the prayer of commitment and has followed it up with Bible study and significant life changes.

Another member invited work colleagues to the last outreach service. They talked about Jesus over dinner. The conversation continues – because the service put Jesus on the agenda.

Good things are happening through our outreach services. Many have committed to become Christian and others are being challenged by the gospel they heard. God is using these services for his good.

The services provide a structure and opportunity for all of us to share Jesus with our family and friends. Which of your family and friends will you invite for 29 February?