O For Grace

By Not Known

The Exodus is a testimony of redemption and transformation of God’s people. Like any good testimony, it did not end at redemption (Ex 15), but continued onto the process of transformation (Ex 16-40).  Despite the people’s disobedience, God’s mercy kept drawing His people back to Him.  And the Lord is doing the same for us.

He is fashioning us into a worshipful people who will serve Him joyously, share His gospel willingly and confidently, use our gifts and speak truth to encourage and build up others in the Body of Christ selflessly.  Transformation is taking place in our lives.

As we come to the end of Exodus, may I encourage you to use an hour this week for quiet reflection.  Start with a prayer, listen to the song, and reflect on the themes of redemption and transformation. 
May God use this time of reflection to continue His work of transformation in our lives. Amen.

O For Grace 
Words and music by Brady Toops & Anthony Skinner
Oh for grace to lay down 
All my dreams in Him be found
O for faith, to keep it true 
To never stop believing You
And when it’s strong or when it falls through 
Oh Lord to know my answer is You.
And oh for love to trust some more 
To fix my eyes on heaven’s shore
And for hope with every step.
Every word, my every breath 
When it’s strong or when it falls through. 
Oh Lord to know my answer is You.
For Your light I lose my all, 
Cause I’m not staying here, I’m moving on
So give me strength, to hold on tight 
Through stormy gales, ‘til morning light,
When it’s strong or when it falls through, 
Oh Lord to know my answer is You.


Amos Lau