Making the Decision

By Not Known

This was the sort of day Moses had: Sent by God to negotiate the release of the people, he failed so miserably that Pharaoh dealt more harshly with them. The people poured all their misery on Moses for his failure. What a horrible and confidence-sapping day it was. 

Is it any wonder that in Exodus 5:22-23, Moses cried out “Why did you ever send me?!” Moses was backed into a corner by the expectation of the people and by the aggression of the Pharaoh.   

Have you experienced a similar day that started out but brightly, suddenly turned for the worst? If you have, and had questioned God in a similar way: “Why God?!” 
Read on further to Exodus 6:1-8. 
Here we see God’s response to Moses’ cry: “I am the LORD that saves, for I have a mighty hand; I am the LORD who remembers promises I made; I am the LORD that restores my people; and I am the LORD that provides, I will give you land.” 
God’s response reassured Moses that despite opposition from Pharaoh and Israel, nothing could or would stop God for he is the LORD! Moses was directed to refocus on God.
Do you also notice that despite God’s reassurances, Moses still had to do two things: 
A. Decide to get back to confronting Pharaoh. 
B. Decide to persevere, for he did not know when the Israelite would be freed end. 

One of the reminders of this passage is, while we expectantly trust that God will take care of trials and opposition, God also gets us involved in the process by leaving decision-making to us (yes, even through uncertainties and confusions).
Even though some decisions are easier to make than others, and there are no guarantees that the ones we make will turn out to be the better ones, but it is something we must do. 
So while God does not tell us when or if opposition would end, he also does not he promise us easy pathways. God promises that as we make them, he goes with us; and he will never leave us nor forsake us. And sometimes, this simple promise is all that is needed for us to step out in faith.

Pr Amos