What’s New About The New Year?

By Not Known

Once again, we come to another point in our lives that we need to take stock of how we live.  Some may still be busy writing down their resolutions, others may still be looking at the chocolates and cookies and deciding whether to give them away or to consume them to the detriment of our health, still others may be mulling over what this so-called New Year will bring.  
Economists give us a bleak picture of the coming year even though some had stated otherwise.  There are those who would lament that the New year isn’t new and the old is still with us.  Whatever the outcome, we have to be ready for the future, come what may.
To be ready, we need to learn to lead ourselves.  A good leader is one who is able to articulate or describe a desired goal or end-state.  Having done so, to move on to form and frame an environment where others work with you towards achieving that goal.  
However, in order to do that, we need to first make an assessment of the past.  This is the first important role of a leader.  This is why the New Year is new.  The assessment of the past year forms a basis for us to formulate the coming year’s goals.  Were there things we wanted to do but left undone?  Were there things we shouldn’t have done but foolishly did them?  Were there people we were supposed to love and appreciate but in its place, rifts developed?  Were there words said that went a long way to bridging relationships that you would want to repeat as often as you find the opportunity to in 2017?  Assessing the past allows you to form these goals for the New Year.
The second important thing a leader does is to have a vision.  The vision to see a problem that needs to be fixed or goal that needs to be achieved.  It may be something that no one else sees or simply something that no one else wants to tackle.  Or it may even be a matter that requires creativity and wisdom to solve.  This is an ability to look to the end of 2017 (or beyond) to frame a mental picture of what those goals are.  How would you visualise yourself to be at the end of 2017?
The third thing that a leader needs to have is drive and determination.  For it is not enough to have done a great assessment or to have a fantastic vision but lack the drive and determination to accomplish what you have set out to do.  Here it is where passion is needed.  Here it is where commitment is required.  Here it is a willingness to put aside excuses and persevere on to move forward.
In our personal lives, when we can take the first step with these three essential elements of personal leadership, we will have a great start to a New Year.  Of course, the key issue for us as God’s children is how would these personal goals align with God’s desire for us in our lives.  May I suggest that each of us take some time this week to seek His face and to enquire of His direction that 2017 be indeed a New Year for the Lord.



Peter Poon