Christmas Isn’t Christmas

By Not Known

“Christmas isn’t Christmas ‘til it’s Christmas in your heart
Somewhere, deep inside you, is where Christmas really starts
So, give your heart to Jesus, you’ll discover when you do
That’s it Christmas, really Christmas for you. “

Christmas isn’t Christmas, if the world celebrates it as just a festive season. It is a time to generate more sales as people receive their bonuses and spend on buying gifts for their loved ones. Celebrating Christmas as families gather for a festive meal is great, but it loses the real significance in homes where Christ is not honoured. Wild parties and drunkenness lead to more emptiness and distance from the Saviour.
Christmas isn’t Christmas, if those who celebrate Christmas have no personal relationship with Christ.  All celebrations are outward forms of worship; true relationship with the Lord Jesus is inward reality.  Inward reality involves a constant reflection and regard for Christ as the core and centre of their hearts and minds. People may celebrate Christmas and attend church as a religious obligation, family tradition or lifestyle preference. Do they seek the Lord Jesus as much as they seek the joy, peace and hope He gives?
The first stanza of the song, “Christmas isn’t Christmas” reminds us when Christmas is Christ-centred, it produces different heartfelt reactions. The pronouncement of His birth induced fear for the unbelief, the proud and the wicked. Yet it is great joy for the humble, the weak and the seekers.  Christmas introduces personal relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ.  He is ever present with us even though we can’t see Him now. He brings us gifts of truth that produces joy; forgiveness that leads to peace and eternal life that gives us hope. He becomes our meaning of life and a model of righteousness for us to imitate. We receive spiritual strength and Christ’s imputed righteousness to live godly lives in an ungodly world, to be the light in the world of darkness as we bring the Good News of Christ’s birth.
Therefore, we rejoice truly on the birthday of the King of kings and Lord of lords. We are delighted in Christmas because of the true peace and reconciliation with God now and forever.  Christmas is truly meaningful and joyous.  Let us truly celebrate Christmas with Christ in our hearts!!!



John Chew