Share Your Personal Testimony

By Not Known

Every believer has a personal testimony of God’s presence and power. If we have a relationship with God, there should be evidence of that relationship.  God works in all sorts of natural and supernatural ways, and we should not hesitate to give credit to Him for whatever He has done for us, whether in “big” or “small” ways. It may be a testimony of your conversion, of how God answered a desperate prayer, of His timely intervention in a hopeless situation or a miraculous deliverance. Maybe God enabled you to answer wisely, or gave quiet confidence in a frightening situation, or healed a sick person.

In Psalm 40 David speaks of how God heard his cry and lifted him out of a slimy pit, out of the mud and mire, setting his feet on a solid rock. In other words, God rescued him from danger.  David goes on to say “Many are the wonders you have done. I do not seal my lips… I speak of your faithfulness and salvation. I do not conceal your love and your truth from the great assembly.” God rescued David from disaster, and he was not going to keep silent! Peter and John declared that they were witnesses to the Resurrection of Jesus.  We also find Paul’s conversion testimony recorded three times in the Book of Acts.

Each time we speak up and testify (like a witness in court) of how God worked in a given situation, we are declaring several things about God: i) that God exists, ii) that He is real and present,  iii) that He is powerful,  iv) that He responds to our cries for help and  v) sometimes He does so in unexpected, even undeserved ways.  It does not mean that everything always turns out super-duper in the end, on the contrary, sometimes things can go from bad to worse, but even in those anxious times, God’s grace supports us.

Your testimony is an irrefutable account of how God’s Story intersects with your story. Over the years I have encouraged believers to share their personal testimonies especially those who are candidates for baptism.  When we share what God has done with others whether personally, in small groups or in a large crowd, we fulfil our role as ambassadors.  These testimonies also encourage other believers and impact non-believers. More importantly they glorify God who deserves all our honour. So open your mouth, and testify!

Graham Ng