The Resurrection Hope

By Rev Dr Edward Goh

The Lord told his disciples in John 16:33, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” Troubles are in the world ever since sin came and brought death as its consequence. Sicknesses like COVID-19 which can lead to death only points to the truth of God’s word.

God allows troubles, sickness and death into this world that we may know our true human condition. We are neither immortal nor independent. Every breath we draw is a gift from God. The true solution to COVID-19 is not a vaccine. A vaccine can cure us of a virus, but not from its root cause, which is sin that has infected the whole race.

Good Friday and Easter is the only solution. In this world, we will have trouble, but Christ has overcome the world through his life, his death and his resurrection. In His death, He was condemned by men as a criminal. But in His resurrection, He was vindicated by God as righteous. As He told the Pharisees in Matt. 22:44, God would raise Him to God’s right hand as Ps. 110:1 declares. His resurrection proved what He has said is true. God has raised and exalted Him. He will return to judge the world.

Without the resurrection, there can be no Christianity and no hope. His resurrection in the middle of our human history ushers in the new age. He is the firstborn from among the dead, the firstfruit of the new creation. His resurrection, therefore, gives us a new living hope. There is indeed life beyond death. On the last day, we will be raised to life just like Him.

Because He is risen, we can take heart. Nothing can now separate us from the love of God—no sin, no disease, no death. And just as our risen Lord commissioned Peter in John 21, He also commissioned each of us to be His witness. As the Father has sent Him, He sends us. For to the ends of the earth, till the end of the age, He will be with us. He gave us His Spirit. We are not alone. Neither should we be afraid. Amid our troubles, we can remember, He has overcome the world. He has overcome sin and death, our greatest enemies. He has made us His own. We can rest in Him, body, mind and soul, now and forevermore. This is the resurrection hope.