Lord, To Whom Shall We Go?

By Not Known

What would you do when you are invited to a “makan” session?  You may ask, where are we going and what are we eating?  Or, is it a special occasion?  Or, would I like the company?  Generally, Singaporeans love to eat.  We have our favourite food stalls or restaurants.  Some would “die-die-must-eat” only at certain places.  Others may not be as fussy.  Most, however, would not refuse a good meal.
It is true that many do assert that the food is a must for any occasion.  They feel that the occasion is secondary, the food is primary.  Yet, when we are invited to a wedding dinner, for instance, is it only for the food?  Or do we attend to honour the occasion or out of respect for the host?
We celebrated the Lord’s Supper last Sunday.  Why were you there?  Do we realise that we were actually invited guests?
In John 6:53, Jesus invited His disciples to join Him in a meal.  Jesus gave them a lesson on spiritual truths using physical objects and analogies.  Often the people misunderstood Him.  This invitation is not so much an invitation to a physical meal, although he talked about His flesh and blood.  It is not actually eating His flesh or drinking His blood.  It is an invitation to participate in His suffering and death.  An act that would bring about forgiveness of sins and cleansing the participants of the consequences of disobedience and separation from God.  The meal He talks about is special, the occasion is rare and the invitees are unique.  It is a meal shared with the Son of God.  
Although there is something to eat and drink, the actual food is not the emphasis, the company is.  The invitation is to a relationship with God.  The invitation is because there is a relationship established in the first place.  
The disciples at that time could not comprehend what eating His flesh and drinking His blood meant.  In fact, they took offense and grumbled.  It was that that Jesus turns it into a teaching moment to help them understand His mission and His purpose.  Those who partake of the feast would be the ones who have understood the reason.  And who would share in the life that He came to give as well as the relationship He came to bring into reality.  For when you receive that invitation and turn up, you would have understood and believed the words of eternal life and you too would exclaim, “Lord, to whom shall we go?” (John 6:68).




Peter Poon