Multi-Religious Singapore

By Not Known

In my last Pastoral Message on 9 August, I provided 20 reasons why I appreciated Singapore, but unfortunately the last three were not included. So here are the missing ones:
18    National Service has instilled character, helped foster inter-racial bonding and national pride.
19    Strong and dedicated Prime Ministers and Cabinets since independence.
20    It is our home.

Still maintaining a national perspective, I came across this table in a recent Singapore Bible College newsletter which gave some figures about “Religions in Singapore” from the 2010 census.  This snapshot reminds us that living in a multi-religious society, all citizens must make every effort to live in harmony. How can we do this?
Here are some suggestions:
1    We recognize that everyone is created in God’s image.
2    We treat each person with respect and dignity, and affirm their right to practice their religion.
3    We are thankful for the freedom which all religions have in Singapore.
4    We avoid stereotyping, and seek never to offend people of other faiths.
5    We show warmth and concern towards our neighbours, colleagues and relatives who may profess a different faith or who profess no                religious beliefs, and where there are opportunities, to show love and pray for them as we share our lives with each other.
6    We are open to learning about each other’s religions especially through research, understanding, dialogue, visiting each other’s                      places of worship, and through the sharing of our spiritual experiences.
7    We keep up with news, developments and reports on the local as well as international front which concerns religions.
Let us be grateful for the climate of spiritual openness in Singapore, and do all we can to maintain a healthy, mutually respectful attitude towards people of other faiths, for the good of our nation.



Graham Ng