By Not Known

“Position COMPROMISED! Abandon OP! Repeat…”  Just moments after this warning urgently came through the secure radio channel an intelligence outpost (OP) came under heavy aerial bombardment.  In the military, to compromise is dangerous.  A critical compromise could disrupt a war-plan and cost many lives.  “Be CAREFUL” is the key axiom.
There are things in life that we can certainly “give and take” or “find a middle-ground” without worrying too much about the consequences. Who to go, what to do, where to be, when to go, etc. – it would be silly to fight tooth and nail over these when organising a family gathering for example.  Why?  The purpose is ‘social’ which is meant to foster relationships, rather than to sour feelings even before the gathering happens.
There are however, matters in life which we should be CAREFUL not to easily or readily compromise.  Who should take care of the children or aged folks during the week?  How much gaming time and what kinds of computer games should be (dis)allowed?  What kinds of friend can our teenagers hang out with and where?  These are matters that test our moral clarity based on our Christian values.  Yet, there are various perspectives and viable choices to a good resolution.
Just as there are compromises that heighten physical risks and possible fatalities, there are compromises that could disrupt and destroy our spiritual life.  Not only are we to be CAREFUL, we must also be prepared to RESIST them.  What are some possible compromises?
•    First Love – “Do you love me?” Jesus asked Peter this question three times; once for each time that Peter had compromised his love in denying him.  The fact that Jesus made every effort to reinstate Peter shows what truly mattered to him.  What are the things that have been tempting us to forsake Jesus as our first love?  Career choices?  Relationship choices?  Lifestyle choices?
•    Sexual Immorality – The churches in Pergamum and Thyatira were highlighted for this sin. While we should not categorise sins into big, medium or small, there are certain sins that have negative up-size effects on us. We must not compromise. We must resist! (1 Cor 5:9-11; 6:12-20)
•    Spiritual apathy – Taking a stand on what we believe in and also what we do is not popular. We are afraid to be labelled as bigots, or intolerant. Christian magnanimity driven by a love without truth eventually produces in us a spiritual apathy.  Spiritual apathy is compromise’s “maid-in-waiting”.
Beware compromising… take your stand today!




Benson Goh