Die-hard Discipleship

By Not Known

“Rocky”, a 1976 Academy Award-winning film, sensationalised the American Dream with the journey of a club fighter to becoming a world heavyweight boxing champion. In the climactic match to his stardom, Rocky fought with a far more skilful Apollo Creed, earning his first broken nose, shocked-eye, and multiple bloody injuries. Yet, Rocky has, as one commentator wrote, “[an] unlimited ability to absorb punishment, and his dogged refusal to be knocked out.” What a tremendous show of courage, determination, and perseverance for an earthly glory that would wear out! Would you do the same for a heavenly glory we have in Christ that will never perish (Rom 8:30)?

Unlike Christians in some hostile places, few of us have ever been beaten up blue-black, or threatened with imprisonment or death for the sake of the Gospel. However, the challenges associated with following Jesus in 21st Century Singapore demand courage, determination and perseverance. The goal of Satan is always to undermine our confidence in Christ and his Gospel so that we would eventually give it up completely, or give it our half-hearted obedience. The former is an attack on our belief, while the latter is on our commitment. It is not enough to know what the Bible teaches about sin, faith, and duty, nor is it enough to believe what we know as true; without commitment to the knowledge of the truth, there can be no real and lasting discipleship.

What are some areas where our relationship with Jesus may be challenged?

Worship – in Romans 12:1-2 Paul appeals for a whole-hearted transformational living that is patterned after the good, pleasing and perfect will of God. To what extent are your values and perspectives pragmatically biblical? Or are they biblically blunt?

Word – Many discipleship issues are essentially a challenge on the fullness and finality of the authority of God’s Word over humanity (Deut 4:2; Rev 22:19). To what extent do you obey only what you agree with in the Bible, while keeping an independent mind from God himself?

Witness – Biblical truths are never just theories, but practical knowledge and wisdom (John 17:17). A commitment to truth always produces godliness that witnesses God positively to the world. Don’t just busy yourself with endless Bible studies, obey and live it!

If we keep watch over these areas, then we are better prepared for a die-hard discipleship that would challenge 21st Century Singapore for good.

Benson Goh