What have you given this Christmas?

By Not Known

This is the third Sunday in Advent and it is traditionally associated with love.  We often hear about peace and hope at Christmas but love is what brought our Saviour to us.  For God loves us so much that he gave.  Love gives.

A couple of years ago, a group of Christians were so perturbed by the distortion of Christmas that they started a movement to try to restore its real meaning.  They claimed that Christmas has been hijacked by consumerism and instead of really discovering the meaning of hope, peace, joy and love about the birth of the Christ-child, Christmas had become one of the most stressful events of the year.

There are celebrations, but many end up drunk and overindulging.  Gifts were bought and given but many lamented that they were not the ones they wanted. Long queues were formed at stores that would allow exchanges or refunds.  The poor and needy were forgotten.  The sick were neglected.  The real “what” and “who” of Christmas remained unanswered questions.

What are you doing this Christmas?  Will you consider bringing back the hope, peace, love and joy this year by doing something positive and constructive about who you know is at the centre of this season?

Allow me to make some suggestions.
1.    De-stress, de-clutter, down-size.  Take a deep breath, look around your home, then take away at least 10 items that are in good condition and give them away to people who need them.  Give without them knowing you did.

2.    Be mission-specific.  Check out mission groups and organizations, many do not have sufficient funds to give their staff salaries, let alone their 13th month bonuses.  Send your 14th or 15th or simply 13th month to these organizations so that they may have a little more cheer.

3.    Be intentional.  As suggested by Advent Conspiracy (see www.adventconspiracy.org), do these four things this Christmas intentionally: a. Worship Fully; b. Spend Less; c. Give More; d. Love All

Take a look around you, think about the significance of Christmas and celebrate with a purpose.


Peter Poon