I Surrender

By Not Known

It is not glorious to surrender! In a warring context, to surrender means subjection to hostile forces. In a sporting contest, to ‘surrender’ means losing to a better competitor. In a relational conflict, to ‘surrender’ means admitting to an error of sorts. These moments make one feel disarmed, disenfranchised, or even disgraced by a more powerful, more competent, and more truthful opponent. To win is the goal for many people.

Unfortunately, we lose more often in many things than we win in a few things. But there is one Person that is far better for us to surrender and lose to, than to fight against and yet never win – God. Why? To put it bluntly, the reason according to Paul is that we have nothing to win, but everything to lose – salvation/eternal life (Rom 5:10). In fact, one who fights God can be absolutely certain of his reward – condemnation/eternal death (Rom 5:9).

Such a loser is a sinner who fights God’s authority over his life. He does not recognise, nor does he admit to his sins. Therefore, he does not recognise the value of God’s work in Christ for him, nor does he admit to his need for it. He resists and rejects every suggestion from the prompting of God’s Spirit concerning his helpless condition. Yet, God in his gracious love went ahead to cut the peace treaty with us by sending Jesus to die for our sins (Rom 5:8). Why did he take the initiative to do that?

God did so because he loves us and desires that we live victoriously, anchored in hope of heaven and resilient through earthly trials, and that we are being transformed in godliness (Rom 5:2-3). To surrender to God is to accept by faith the peace treaty that he has accomplished in Christ for us; no longer fighting him to our own detriment.

Have we surrendered to God? Some may not have. In view of the greatness of His promised benefits, what is stopping us from seeking peace with God? Many of us surrendered to God years ago, but are we still surrendering to him daily and living in peace, hope and love? Or, are we ‘taking up arms’ again through unrepentant sinning and rejection of his forgiveness and grace?

No, it is not glorious to surrender. But between our futile pride and God’s fulfilling prize, what will you choose?


Benson Goh