By Not Known

A ‘yes’ man may not always be the best man to entrust an important responsibility. A ‘yes’ indicates a promise to be or to do something. With a promise comes responsibility. With a responsibility comes accountability. Without accountability, a ‘yes’ can become an empty promise and a lie. Do you often say ‘yes’ but goes on to do nothing about it?

In Nehemiah 9, the Israelites were moved to confess their sins and worship God (v3). The sorry-story of their history shows that they cannot trust themselves to remain obedient to God. God alone is trustworthy, but they are not (v33). So their leaders, Levites and priests entered into a binding agreement with God in writing, promising (not) to do several things that would sin against him (v38). Essentially, they promised to follow God’s Law given through Moses and to carefully obey all the commands, regulations and decrees in it (10:29). But they did not stop at promising, they are also committed to assume responsibilities (10:32, 35).

Making a promise comes with it responsibility and accountability to God. Obedience is not merely a good intention towards God, it requires commitment to action. Do you often say ‘yes’ to God but goes on to do nothing about it?

What are some promises you have made under God? Are you taking responsible actions to fulfil these promises?

 • Sinner’s prayer for all believers

• Membership vows for all communicant members

• Marriage vows for husbands and wives

• Office-bearer vows for elders, deacons and pastoral staff

• Service vows for all ministry servants

 Why not take some time to review these vows again. Remember that it is foremost to God that you have made any of these promises, and you will have to account to him. So, don’t just say ‘yes’, do it!