Going from E’ to F’

By Not Known

We do not like to live on ‘Empty’. The feeling of emptiness materially and physically, often leaves us anxious, confused, cynical and insecure. Hence, we do our utmost to live life so that emptiness will not happen to us. 

How about our spiritual life? When we are spiritually ‘Empty’ we lack compassion for those who are hurting, we are vulnerable to temptation, we become more selfish and insecure with our time and money, and we felt this distance from God. Yet does the determination to live a “Full” life extend to our spiritual one? Or does this part of our life get put in the box and hidden on the shelf?

If this describes your life, the good news is that God doesn’t want you to feel spiritually ‘Empty’. He made a way to fill you up and that is by keeping a constant connection with him. For if we don’t connect with God constantly, we go from ‘Full’ to ‘Empty’ real quick.

Rest assured that you are not the only one who feels that way. Many Christians struggle with it too. So what’s the bright side? In emptiness, there is a desire to be “Full” again, isn’t there? Think about this; when we are hungry, we eat to be filled; when we are tired, we rest so as to be recharged. We don’t like being on ‘Empty’.     

In Eph 3:19, Paul wrote: “May you experience the love of Christ… Then you will be filled with the fullness of life and power that comes from God.”

The fullness of life that you want totally is available to you. It is from God! That sounds great?! So in order to get that life what do you think needs to be done? 


Take time to think and write your list in the box.




Here’s the deal, if you have included a list and it starts with YOU doing something, you are bound for fail. Since when we get so hung up on things we are supposed to DO to live faithful lives? I am not saying that faith-building disciplines like prayer, or reading the Bible shouldn’t be done.

In fact, it has been said that the depth and maturity of your faith will be directly proportionate to how well you know and obey God’s word. But we have to realize that this life Jesus called us to, never starts with ‘me, myself and I’. This was true for the 12 as they move from mere followers (listening, and observing his ministry) to servants that were sent out with the incredible message of his Kingdom. It is a faith based on relationship with him and not based on their performances.

How do we get this fullness of life? Surrender – we start by changing our attitudes towards God. First, we come humbled, knowing that we cannot live life on our own. Second, we develop a heart of gratitude by having constant connections with him throughout the day. Third, pray for opportunities where we can put faith into action. Fourth, go on repeating steps 1 to 3. As God does the work of changing our hearts, he WILL give us fullness of life. 

When it comes to living life, let us not live it on ‘Empty’, instead let us live it to the ‘Full’ by living in him. 


 Amos Lau