The Sounds of Easter

By Not Known

Consider the sounds of the Passion ….

Glad shouts as the king came to his crowd’s acclaim
Rustling as branches and cloaks were strewn
Secretive mutterings as the conspiracy was tested and refined to evil’s
The breaking of bread and pouring of wine
30 clinks as silver poured to the betrayer’s hands
Clash of swords as the soldiers followed their orders
The spewing lies of the trial
The denials by the one called ‘the Rock’
Roars as the baying crowd sated its blood lust
Pained and gulping breaths as the cross was borne up Calvary’s hill
Clang of hammer upon nails and the crunch of bones and body
Silence … the awesome sound of his silence
The last words
My God my God, why have you abandoned me?
Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.
It is finished.
Earth’s curtain torn to open Heaven’s door.

May we have grace to hear God’s gospel in Easter’s sounds.