People Caring for People – The Christian Difference

By Not Known

Singapore has a strong charitable sector. A growing body of charitable groups cares
for more groups of needy. This is goad, for our society relies heavily on family and
community to care for the vulnerable.

Christians are prominent in this chantable sector. God’s people often reach for a
Giro form to support a chosen charity. Some even roll their sleeves up in hands-on
involvement with the needy.

Is there a Christian difference in how we help people? Or are we just another
charitable group, distinct only in our donor base?

Christian care giving should be distinct in that it arises out of the gospel of Jesus,
This will show in several ways.

  • Motive – Why do we care?

    We don’t care because we have to as a matter of duty. Nor from the hope of
    earning ‘brownie points’ somewhere. Nor for the tax deduction. Nor from

    We care because we have been cared for. God has supplied all our needs and
    showed his love in the gift of his son as our atoning sacrifice. We care because
    we are cared for by him and want to say ‘thanks’ by paying it forward.

  • Manner – Hm do we care?

    Christian care-giving looks to God’s example. He gave his best in Jesus. What
    is our best and how do we give it? He gave with remarkable generosity. Are we
    mean or munificent? He gave even to his enemies. Do we extend our care to
    all who are needy?

  • Matter – What is the scope of our care?

    Christian care giving takes seriously the Bible’s teaching that humans are
    whole people, not bits and pieces. Thus we care for heart, mind, body and
    soul and are mindful of the multiple links between all these aspects of people.
    Of these, we give particular attention to soul-care, for it is the one that most

Let’s show the Christian difference in our care-giving. Let’s care for the whole
person as created by God and redeemed by Jesus. Let’s care because we have
been so well cared for in Jesus. Let’s care with the love that gives and gives,
because that is how God cares for us.