Those Who Know … Are not Talking

By Not Known

If you have an opportunity to travel to Israel, you would not miss the sight of
the orthodox Jews at the Western (Wailing) Wall. Their constant rocking
motion, the incessant chanting of the Talmud (Law) or from the book of
Lamentations, their donning of the prayer shawls over their heads, the leather
bands around their arms, the small wooden boxes on their foreheads, etc.
would remind us on just one thing: the seriousness of their faith.

They are a sight as you drive through Meah She’arim, the Orthodox Jewish
quarter In Jerusalem. They are unmistakable with their shtreimel (fur hats)
and black long suits with white tassels dangling out. No matter the season,
they would be dressed in such manner. They must be crazy! To a great
extent, they are. They are zealous for their faith. They are zealous for what
they know.

A Jew who is zealous about his faith cannot be hidden. The sad thing Is many
of these zealous Jews are still hoping and waiting for the Messiah to come.
In Nazareth, the hometown of Jesus, a beautiful bright light adorn the hill-top
in the night. From afar, one cannot miss Jesus’ teaching about a light set on a
hill cannot be hidden.

On the other hand, many today have claimed that they have found the
Messiah, but so few are talking about what they have discovered. Sadly, many
so called Christians, gather, talk about the COE or the property prices, what
they did at the last holiday or how to get the best fares from the budget
airlines, or who won the bid for hosting 2012 Olympics or how much they had
saved at the Great Singapore Sale.

This month, we learn about changing water into wine (or sinners into saints),
the Bread of Life, the Light of the World and the Great Shepherd. If you know
who He is, you simply could not stop talking about him. We will not be quiet
about who we know because we cannot contain the excitement of that

So, do you personally know the one who changed water into wine? Do you
know who the Bread of Life is? Do you know the Great Shepherd?

If you do, don’t keep silent. Go and talk about who you know.