Choice Wine for You?

By Not Known

Are you a wine person? If you are you will certainly not risked serving your guests cheap wine at important functions such as a wedding banquet. Good meat with poor wine will spoil the overall combination and produce many unsatisfied diners. But if you are not a wine person, consider this bad combination with similar effect – delicious Tiramisu cake with… 3-in-1 coffee

Our Lord Jesus performed his first recorded miracle during a wedding banquet at Cana in Calilee – turning water into wine (Jn. 2: 1- 11). The remark of the banquet master must not be missed – Everyone brings out the choice wine first and then the cheaper wine after the guests have had too much to drink; but you have saved the best till now. (v10). It is worth noting that in the Asynoptic Gospel of John, miracles are like sign-posts recorded to direct readers to the glory of God in Jesus Christ (v11). What is so special about this ‘miraculous sign‘ in relation to Jesus Christ?

Jesus himself give us the interpretive key when he answered his mother saying – My time (Greek: the hour of mine) has not yet come (v4). This logically strange reply forces us to realise that he was pointing specifically to the hour of his death on the cross where his blood will be shed for the forgiveness of human sin (Jn 12: 23- 24, 27). His shed blood that established the new covenant relationship between God and his people is that choice wine (Mt. 26: 27- 29).

Like an avid wine or coffee lover, you wouldn’t be satisfied with the average once you’ve tasted the best. Jesus Christ alone is like the choice wine for our spiritual appetite. Do you desire to know God? Do you yearn for the full and meaningful life that he has promised in Jesus (Jn 10: 10)? To all who hunger and thirst for Jesus, they will certainly receive forgiveness and purification from sins, and true life both now and for eternity in the presence of God. Will you be like the disciples who put their faith in Jesus – the one who reveals the glory of God (v11b)?