Hide and Seek

By Not Known

One of the favourite childhood games before the game-boy era is perhaps
hide and seek. In this game, only the craftier ones who could conceal
themselves from their seeker until the play-out time win. Many of us have
outlived the age of playing this game, but the business of hiding remains
very much alive in the craftiest part of our nature.

We are quick to signal the secretary to avoid a phone call over a nagging
responsibility. We plead ignorance to some matters that rightly should
come under our purview. We are habitually engaged with overtimes and
night meetings at the expense of our marital duties, our spouses, and our
children waiting at home. The hiding game takes on a religious coat when
Christians readily carry this carnal nature into their relationship with God.

The prophet Jonah clearly heard God’s instruction to go to the city of
Nineveh and preach against it (Jo 1:2). Instead of listening and obeying, he
ran away in the opposite direction to Tanhish to flee from the LORD (Jo
1:4). God completely taunted his escape. Whatever reason he offered
latter to validate his action, he could not deny the fact that God had
spoken and obedience was the on rightful response.



  • Are you hiding from God for something he has been impress upon
    your heart lately through Bible readings, sermons, godly admonition
    and your Christian conscience?.
  • What is causing you to hide and to choose disobedience?
  • How is God disciplining you?
  • How must you change to stop hiding so as to run in tandem with God’s

Let us grow up in seeking God so that we may grow out of the hiding game.
Rather than spending the rest of our lives hiding from God, why not start
resting in his presence today!