The Gospel about Jesus

By Not Known

The Christian message is about Jesus – pure and simple.

Jesus is the theme of the Bible (Lk 24:27,44-45), the ‘yes‘ to all God’s promises (2
Cor 1:18-20
) and the highest form of God’s self-disclosure to humanity (Heb 1:1-3).
The two greatest festivals in the Christian calendar respectively celebrate his birth
and his dying and rising. He is also the Christian’s hope, as we long for his second
advent and pray Come, Lord Jesus (Rev 22:20).

All this is well summarised in 1 Cor 15. Paul is giving a reminder and an executive
summary of the gospel. He singles out certain matters os of first importance (v3) and
by which his readers were saved – if they held fast to them (v2). These important
matters were all to do with Jesus (v3-6).

Our monthly Lord’s Supper helps to keep these central truths about Jesus before our
eyes and hearts in a dramatic form. The bread and wine should never be more than
symbols and reminders, but they are very powerful ones. Through them we look back
to the ‘one for all’ and ‘once and for all’ event of the Cross and all that it means for
our peace with God.

Because the gospel is about Jesus, he should be central to our personal faith and to
the life and mission of the church.

On a personal level, being a Christian is not about church activities, nor about
morality. Becoming a Christian is about committing ourselves to Jesus in confession,
repentance and faith (Act 2:37-48). Being a Christian is about trusting, following and
serving Jesus. Yes, this will lead us into godly behaviour and into church activities,
but these are secondary and derivative to our relationship and response to Jesus.
Jesus is the gospel, not church or morals.

Likewise on a church level. As leaders and members we must strive to keep Jesus
central to the church’s life and activities. Let’s talk to each other about Jesus. Let’s
ask ‘what would Jesus do?’ when taking decisions. Let’s organise our services and
other activities so that the message that outsiders hear is about Jesus and not about

Finally, Jesus is the only portal between God and humanity (Jn 14:6; Act 4:12; 1 Tim 2:5). Let’s keep the connection open by making him the object of our faith, hope and
love. Jesus is the gospel.